Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I keep hearing and reading about The Honest Company and how great their natural, non-toxic products are and decided it was high time I gave them a try. If you sign up for the Bundle & Save! program you can pick five (5) products, with a reduced price (up to 40% savings!) as you add more to the bundle, and then receive refills as you get near to finishing the products. Here are the details:

Bundle and Save | The Honest Company

I decided to go with the Honest Family Essentials Bundle and picked the below products:

My Bundle | THe Honest Company

products: Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner  /  Honest Body Oil  /  Honest Hand Soap  /  Honest Healing Balm /  Honest Dish Soap

I have been using everything for the last few months with no complaints. While I really like all the products I picked, I decided to do a little more research and see how easy it would be to change and then cancel my automatic refills.   To change the delivery dates of your next shipment it is as simple as clicking though their website and altering the dates but, they do not give you an option online to cancel your bundle.  So I sent an email asking to cancel my order and they replied that I needed to call and speak to a customer representative. I called and it was a simple procedure to cancel.

To be perfectly Honest (I had to get that in here somewhere!), I plan on re-ordering my bundle, as I am almost at the end of my supplies, and I want to give a few more products a try while I am at it. I love that they are all natural, not tested on animals and non-toxic while doing their job.  Besides who doesn't love saving money and the convenience of timely refills, this is especially great for apartment dwellers who do not want to stock large quantities.  Leave me a comment if you use any of  The Honest Company products, I would like to know what else to order.

*note: If I my kids were still babies I would definitely give the Honest Diapers Bundle a try, if only to see those patterns on a little one.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

June and July Book Club 2014

Where is the Summer going?  I feel like the days are quickly slipping away and I have not gotten to read half the books on my Summer list!  I was able to sneak in our two book club books A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams and Orphan Train: A Novel by Christina Baker Cline. They are both easy, fast reads that you can pick up and put down - perfect for the beach!

A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams

Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline

Wishful thinking...I am going to try to re-read the first two books in the All Souls Trilogy to refresh my memory for the last book in the series that was just released and I hope to dive into some of the below titles before Summer comes to an end...  

Summer 2014 Reading List | Ridgely's Radar

Shop my picks here.

and as always, I would love to hear what you are reading...

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Drink More Water

I drink a lot of water every day and I like to add fresh lemon juice to add flavor, flush toxins and aid my digestion.  I carry a Camelbak Water Bottle in my bag and I use the Umbra Sombrero Citrus Juicer to easily (and with less mess) squeeze the lemon into my bottle. Who doesn't love a great gadget that gets the job done?  I know I do!

Umbra Sombrero Citrus Juicer (1)

Umbra Sombrero Citrus Juicer (2)

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Catalog Shopping

I have been cooking more and more from recipes on my iPad and it is annoying how my cover, which claims to fold two ways to prop up the iPad, does not keep the iPad standing up.  I was very happy to find The Orange Chef Co. iPad® Stand that is kitchen friendly with non-slip feet, as well as being heat resistant and dishwasher safe. This is something I will be buying along with Recyclable Protective Sleeves to keep my iPad safe from spills and messes while I am cooking.

The Orange Chef Co. iPad® Stand (1) | Williams-Sonoma

The Orange Chef Co. iPad® Stand (2) | Williams-Sonoma

The Orange Chef Co. iPad® and iPad mini™ Recyclable Protective Sleeves

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Friday, July 18, 2014

12 picks from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Don't miss out!  Starting today, through August 3rd, Nordstrom is having its Anniversary Sale. To give you an idea of what is available, I pulled together a dozen items on my wish list (many of which are going into my shopping cart!).  Supplies are limited, so be sure to head on over to stock up on your favorite brands!

12 picks from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Ridgely's Radar

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Tory Burch for Fitbit

First I was obsessed with the UP by Jawbone and now I am all about the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband.. Not sure what I am talking about? Fitbit Flex® tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and sleep pattern, I love it because it challenges me to get up and move more! It is not the chicest arm band to be wearing with my city clothes, but it is perfect for weekends and working out. Imagine my excitement when I found out that Tory Burch has collaborated with Fitbit to transform your tracker into a fashionable bracelet and/or necklace.  It is as easy as slipping your Fitbit Flex® tracker (sold separately) into the gorgeous brass metal work bracelet or pendant and off you go.  I am pre-ordering the bracelet and can't wait for it to arrive!

Tory Burch for Fitbit Fret Pendant Necklace

Tory Burch for Fitbit Metal Hinged Bracelet

note:  It says for best results to wear your original Fitbit Flex® wristband for tracking workouts and sleep.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jonathan Adler Warehouse Sale - ONLINE

OOOHHH... I am so excited... I am clicking over to the Jonathan Adler site to shop their online Warehouse Sale that starts TODAY through Tuesday, July 22nd. There are so many great items to chose from and I hope to pick up a few presents (yes, I am thinking about Christmas already!)

Jonathan Adler Online Warehouse Sale

Here is a sneak peek at what will be available and, listed below, their reduced price:

Jonathan Adler Online Warehouse Sale Selections

Jonathan Adler ONLINE Warehouse Sale: (clockwise)  Pop Sugar Candle was $38  now $18.99 /  Lena Lamp was $595 now $356.99  /  Bobo Waves Pillow was $88 now $25.99  /  Unicorn S&P was $48 now $27.99  /  Siamese Cat was $88 now $23.99

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