Wednesday, March 12, 2014

momofuku milk bar

It seems that I was the last to hear about momofuku milk bar's amazing party cakes, pies and cookies that everyone in my office have been enjoying for some time.  The cakes come un-frosted on the sides to showcase the many delectable fillings in the layers.  So many yummy cake flavors to chose from, I am not sure which one to try first.  You can order all of their items, fresh baked goodies and mixes for the home baker, to be shipped anywhere. If you are scared to try your hand at home with their cook book (or mixes), you can sign up with a group of friends for a baking class.  I was thinking it could be a fun excursion for our book club (hint, hint) and Lisa, do not be surprised if you find the cook book in your mailbox, I know this is right up your alley. The next time it is my turn to bring dessert, I will either order a cake, which one is still up in air, or the candy bar pie!

momofuku milk bar | Ridgely's Radar

for home delivery: shop milk bar

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  1. This is FANTASTIC - yum!!! I'm voting for the Pretzel Cake :) - bring on Book Club!! - wendy z


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