Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Having a Good Hair Day(s)!

There is nothing better than having a good (straight) hair day!  Especially when you style your own hair, in a mad rush, in the morning before work. I should be a hair product junkie, but I only have a few go-to styling aids (that clearly need to be revamped!)  Today I reached into my drawer and pulled out Living Proof - No Frizz Wave, Curl Styling Cream:

I had heard about Living Proof hair products from several friends and, what seems like years ago, I grabbed and purchased a sample size from the little bins near the check-out line at Sephora.  It came home with me and disappeared into my beauty drawer...until today.

I took a quarter size amount and massaged it into my wet, combed hair.  I then blew dried my hair in sections, starting with the back and working towards the front.  I have thick, wavy and slightly coarse hair that is very hard to straighten with just a roll brush and hair dryer.  Not today, my hair seemed to follow my lead and do as I told it!  I did not time the process, but I would say it took less time and tugging to get my hair smooth and straight... no small feat!

I must admit the weather today was crisp, cool and dry in the New York City area which complimented my very good hair day.  I plan on testing out todays styling tomorrow to see how well my hair can last without washing it.

As of right now, I see a full size bottle of Living Proof in my future!

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