Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On My List - vbeauté

As much as I love the idea of scrolling through magazines on an iPad or computer, I prefer the feel of turning the actual pages.  I fold down the corners of what catches my eye, and then, when I am finished reading, I tear out the pages I marked.  I keep all of these pages for inspiration or to look up items I might consider buying.  My only problem is getting the time to go through the huge pile of magazines on my bedside and keeping current!  Nothing is worse than finding the perfect item and realizing it is no longer in stores because I am reading a four month old issue! This month I am ahead of the game because I finished Oprah's March issue while I was on vacation last week...and it was still February!!   The O List was all about getting organized and I discovered the vbeauté It Kit.   Having just traveled with all my beauty essentials in a quart size zip lock baggie, I love the sleek, refillable, gunmetal case that can go in your travel suitcase and be scanned!  Even more exciting is that the vbeauté anti-aging products are paraben, fragrance, gluten, nut and oat free. My kind of products!!  I made a special trip to the Palm Beach Neiman Marcus to try them first hand, and was disappointed that the products are so new (see, I am ahead of the curve!)  that they were not available yet in that store.  I think I have to take the plunge and order vbeauté online so I have it ready to go for our Spring Break trip! 

Here is a short video of the founder, Julie Macklowe, discussing the products and their benefits.  The travel kit can last you a bit longer than a month, perfect for all kinds of travel or your gym bag! What's not to love about that?!?!

Here is a look at all the products.  Each one has a catchy, fun name, and links to purchase them individually:

Eye Never - Nourishing Repair Eye Crème

 The Lite Up is the only product not featured in the travel case, but certainly worthy of a mention and a try for any age or dark spots.

I have a feeling this may be more than just a travel staple... to be continued... 

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  1. You have to let us know if you like it. I'm always looking for fun new products

  2. Yes, please do a post on how you like the products. They sound great.

  3. Sounds like a must see - love that you got a chance to relax in the sun (or shade)!!

  4. You always find the best beauty products - do tell us what you think of them! xx

  5. If this is what makes your skin so perfect then sign me up! Take it from me readers who have not met Ridgely....her skin is a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!


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